Lisa Helps Shopping: a 2D Puzzle Platform Game

About the Game:

It has been made in 48h for the #StaySafeJam

Till & Mrkzv met for the first time on the StaySafeJam Discord, and now form a great international team (German, French)!

Lots of GFX has been drawn by Till's daughter, Lisa (6), and Till's little Cousins, Lukas (10) and Linus (8)!

The last and hardest level involve collecting a very rare item : a roll of toilet paper!

Will you beat the game?

Video presentation :

How to play the game:

Objective: bring back groceries to your quarantined neighbours without getting infected or having your hands dirty. 

Beat the first 9 levels to get to the 10th and hardest level, where you need to collect a roll of toilet paper.

Controls: Use the left and right arrow to move, and the space bar to interact with things.

Tips: You can be contaminated by opening doors, gate or even crossing the path with a virus! When contaminated, wash your hands by holding the space bar in front of a sink, you can also use gloves to avoid being contaminated or a spray to destroy a solitary virus.

Some items are hidden!

Bread, flour and toilet paper can't be washed, they will return to the store.


The game and all its assets are released under the Creative Common Non Commercial 4.0 licence.
CC BY-NC 4.0


Till : lisafee on Weibo

Mrkzv : @ThemisTil on Twitter

Development log


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Good sound effects. Ominous ending if you mess up, but otherwise relaxing music, sounds, and aesthetic. Love it!


Really nice game idea, i love it!


Thank you very much! We are still working on more levels, so stay tuned!